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2020 Challenge Match Campaign

PSI's Challenge Match Campaign - 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters of PSI,

We need your help to meet our 2020 year-end fundraising goal. Each year we launch a "virtual rocket trip" that begins on the Sun and, if successful, ends by landing us on Pluto. A group of generous donors has pledged $6,750 to PSI but there's a catch - to get the money we must raise MATCHING FUNDS. We are asking you to help us raise the $6,750 that we need. Thank you!

Every dollar you donate buys us "fuel" to help the PSI rocket reach Pluto. And because your donation is matched, your gift to us is doubled.

The deadline is December 31, 2020.

Will you help us reach our fundraising goal of landing on Pluto before the end of the year?

Thank you!


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