Dr. William Hartmann

Senior Scientist Emeritus

Currently resides in AZ

Targets of Interest: Asteroids, Comets, Earth, Mars, Meteorites, Moon, Small satellites

Disciplines/Techniques: Crater Counting, Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Ground-based observing, Volcanism

Missions: Mariner 9, Mars Express (ESA), Mars Global Surveyor

Dr. William K. Hartmann's interest is in the general span of the origin and evolution of the planetary system and planetary surfaces. Special interests have included of evolution of surface features, craters, and interplanetary bodies. Currently, he is concentrating his research efforts on Mars Global Surveyor's new data from Mars as part of his work with the MGS imaging team. The results show the importance of windblown dust in blanketing and shaping much of the topography at 10-meter scale.