Dan Berman

Senior Scientist

Currently resides in AZ

Targets of Interest: Mars, Moon, Ceres, Vesta

Disciplines/Techniques: Geologic mapping, crater counting, ArcGIS, Ames Stereo Pipeline (ASP)

Missions: Dawn, MRO, MSL

Mission Roles: HiRISE Science Team

Dan Berman is interested in planetary geologic mapping, fluvial and glacial geomorphology, photogeologic interpretation and image processing, chronologic interpretations via crater counting, and crater evolution based on morphologies and degradational states. His current research projects include: Refining Martian Ages and Understanding Geological Processes from Cratering Statistics; Martian Highland Volcanoes: Studies of Volcanic and Degradation Histories from High-Resolution Images and Impact Crater Populations; Testing the Hypothesis of Young Martian Volcanism; Investigations of Ice-Driven Degradation Styles on Mars.