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Seminars 2017

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Feb 22 Paul Hardersen Applicant -- Six orders of magnitude: Research ranging from the asteroid belt to the Sun.
Mar 08 Jeff Morgenthaler SynoPSIs -- PSIscope: a small-aperture robotic telescope for general PSI use
Apr 05 Eva Lilly Applicant -- Probing the transient populations: The story of Near-Earth Asteroids and Centaurs
Apr 19 Joanna Morgan SynoPSIs -- Expedition 364: Joint IODP-ICDP Drilling the Chicxulub impact structure
May 31 Jennifer Fernando Applicant -- Martian past and current surface-atmosphere interactions: Insight using HiRISE/MRO and CRISM/MRO measurements
Jun 28 Elizabeth Sklute Applicant -- Biosignatures in Nanophase Iron Oxides and Hydroxides
Jul 05 Isaac Smith Applicant -- Reflections of Mars: Using Orbital Radar Observations to Discover Climate Signals and More
Jul 06 Jeff Kargel Applicant -- Remote Sensing and Field Observations of Cryospheric Hazard Dynamics in Earth's High Mountains
Jul 26 Bob Strom Seminar -- We Are Not Alone: Extraterrestrial Technological Life in our Galaxy
Aug 30 Gareth Morgan Applicant -- Radar Investigations of Volcanic Complexes on the Moon and Mars
Sep 06 Alexis Rodriguez SynoPSIs -- The 1997 Mars Pathfinder Spacecraft Landed on Spillover Flood Deposits from an Early Mars Inland Sea
Oct 04 Bob Strom Seminar -- Ceres and the Terrestrial Planets Impact Cratering Record
Nov 01 Jamie Molaro Applicant -- Thermally driven physical weathering and metamorphism on rocky and icy airless bodies
Dec 20 Steve Clifford Applicant -- The Evolution of Water on Mars

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