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Seminars 2016

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 06 Joe Spitale SynoPSIs -- The Shape of Saturn's Huygens Ringlet Viewed by Cassini ISS
Jan 11 Jeff Morganthaler SynoPSIs -- Volcanoes, Atmospheres, and Magnetospheres, Oh My!
Feb 03 David O'Brien SynoPSIs -- Delivering water to the terrestrial planets
Feb 24 Alexandra Pontrefact SynoPSIs -- Microbial diversity of impact generated habitats: thinking about viable regions on Mars
Feb 29 Yuki Yamashita Applicant -- Geochemical study of planetary bodies by nuclear spectroscopy
Mar 02 Gretchen Benedix-Bland Applicant -- Exploring geologic processes in solar system materials using mineralogy, petrology, and geochemistry
Mar 09 Jeff Morganthaler SynoPSIs -- The Monster in the Magnetosphere: Missing bites from the Io plasma torus revealed by spectacular spectroscopy
Mar 16 Vicki Hansen Applicant -- Evolution of Venus, a global perspective — from exogenic to endogenic over time
Mar 30 Bill Feldman SynoPSIs -- Neutron Production during the 26-28 May 2012 Solar Eruptive Event
Apr 06 Jim Richardson Applicant -- An investigation of small-body shapes and spins reveal a preferred state of maximum surface stability
Apr 20 Radu Capitan Seminar -- Addressing a Dating Puzzle: How Old is Old on Mars?
Apr 27 Nathaniel Putzig Applicant -- Exploring the Interior and Climate History of Mars with MRO’s Shallow Radar Sounder
May 04 Jordan Steckloff Applicant -- SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL! How Sublimative Torques Alter and Destroy Cometary Bodies
May 16 Catherine Neish Applicant -- Extreme Makeover: Titan Edition
May 18 Alex Patthoff Applicant -- The Tectonic History of Enceladus as Revealed in its Ridges and Fractures
Jun 08 Henry Throop SynoPSIs -- A brief report on the state of Astronomy in India and Southern Africa
Jun 15 Oleg Abramov Applicant --Effects of Impact Bombardments on Early Earth and Mars
Jul 06 Flora Paganelli Applicant -- Cassini’s SAR and high-resolution radiometry data for the study of Titan: lessons learned and future work
Sep 14 Gretchen Benedix-Bland SynoPSIs -- Fall, recovery, and classification of the Murrili meteorite: The Desert Fireball Network in action.
Sep 21 Norbert Schorghofer Applicant -- Planetary Microclimates: From permanently shadowed regions on Ceres to Martian alcoves
Oct 05 Dorothy Oehler Applicant -- METHANE ON MARS:  Where to look and why
Nov 02 Shane Byrne SynoPSIs -- Stressed out and unable to relax: The life and times of icy cliffs on Mars

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