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Seminars 2014

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 29 Leone Giovanni New perspectives of research and change of strategy in the search for life on Mars
Feb 19 Nina Lanza A rock coatings signature in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy data: Comparing laboratory data with ChemCam results from Gale crater, Mars
Mar 05 Natasha Artemieva One year after the Chelyabinsk event: what we do and do not know
Mar 26 David Grinspoon Astrobiology and the Anthropocene Epoch
Apr 28 Alexandra Pontefract Friend or Foe? Meteorite Impacts and the Origins of Life
Apr 29 Haley Sapers Illuminating biosignatures with synchrotron light: stepping toward an unambiguous proxy for life
Jun 04 Shawn Wright Discovering research value in field and sample data of terrestrial impact sites and impactites
Jun 11 Roger Clark Composition of solids in the Saturn system, from organics to other non-ice components in the rings and icy satellites and the role of nano-particles
Jul 02 Driss Takir Unraveling Surface Mineralogy of Outer Main Belt Asteroids Using 3-µm Spectra
Jul 10 Matthew Siegler Polar Ice on Mercury and the Moon: A Brief History (and Future) of Volatiles In the Inner Solar System
Jul 17 Karsten Schindler The Mystery of Jovian Irregular Satellites – Looking for Answers with SOFIA
Jul 23 Andrea Jones Projects and Possibilities
Aug 06 Tamara Rogers Magnetism in hot Jupiter Atmospheres
Aug 11 Oded Aharonson Titan's Lakes: Seasonal and Longer Term Climate Cycles
Aug 13 Bryan Travis Modeling Internal Dynamics of Ceres
Sep 17 Alessondra Springmann Recent Asteroid and Comet Results from Arecibo Observatory Planetary Radar
Sep 24 Juan Sanchez VNIR spectroscopy of asteroids: phase reddening and mineralogical characterization
Oct 08 Guy Consolmagno Is Vesta a Protoplanet? (Probably Not!)
Oct 29 Amy Shaw Understanding Planetary Surfaces through Spectrophotometric Modeling and Measurements
Nov 17 Karen Stockstill-Cahill Linking samples and remote data sets of Mars, Mercury, and the Moon Recording
Nov 19 Henry Hsieh Where's the Water?: Main-Belt Comets as Tracers of Ice in the Inner Solar System Recording

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