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Seminars 2012

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 04 Jian-Yang Li (Applicant) Photometry of Cometary Nuclei and the Implications
Feb 01 Amara Graps (Applicant) Charged Dust Odysseys -and- Dating Old Earth Rocks
Feb 22 Marion Massé Wide distribution and glacial origin of polar gypsum on Mars.
Feb 29 Kathryn Gardner-Vandy Formation History of the Brachinites: Partial Melts from an R Chondrite-Like Parent Body
Apr 03 Robert Tokar Highlights of Cassini/CAPS and MSL/ChemCam
Apr 04 David Schleicher A Compositional Taxonomy of Comets and Other Database Results
May 02 Briony Horgan Glass on Mars: Evidence for explosive volcanism and periglacial alteration
May 11 Robert Nelson (Applicant) Cassini’s Eye on Saturn’s Titan
May 16 Candice Hansen Juno, JunoCam, and Plans for Public Outreach
May 29 Bruce Barraclough (Applicant) An Overview of the Mars Science Laboratory Mission to Mars and the On-Board ChemCam Investigation
Jun 06 Amanda Hendrix (Applicant) May 29, 2012 The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) project is NASA’s current flagship-class mission to Mars, with the MSL Curiosity rover scheduled to land in a precisely targeted location in Gale Crater on August 5th of this year. An overview of the mission
Jun 13 Marc Fries Martian Carbon and Friends
Jun 20 Jim McElwaine Granular Flows and Martian Gullies
Jun 22 Mark Bishop Terrestrial analogues for investigating suspected monogenetic volcanic fields on Mars
Jun 29 Jules Goldspiel Gullies and Groundwater on Mars
Jul 11 R. Aileen Yingst Vesta: from Astronomical to Geological
Jul 18 Les Bleamaster Geologic Mapping of the Beta-Atla Themis (BAT) Region, Venus
Jul 25 Brent Garry The Geologic History of Arsia and Pavonis Mons volcanoes on Mars: Preliminary results from a 1:1M Geologic Mapping Project
Aug 01 Dave Vaniman Curiosity Meets Mars: August 5, 2012
Aug 15 Susan Benecchi Lightcurves of Southern Hemisphere Transneptunian Objects
Sep 05 Lucille Le Corre Colorful Surface of Asteroid Vesta through the Dawn Framing Camera
Sep 12 Deborah Domingue Lorin Surface Composition: It’s all in how you look at it.
Sep 21 Tom Prettyman The GRaND view of Vesta
Oct 31 Asmin Pathare The Devils You Know: Quantifying the Size-Frequency Distribution and Forward Velocities of Terrestrial Dust Devils, with Implications for Mars
Nov 14 Matthew Staid From Mapping the Moon to Managing Merlot: Diverse Applications of Imaging Spectroscopy
Dec 14 Michelle Thomsen Saturn’s Magnetosphere
Dec 19 Miriam Riner Earth's Suffocating Little Sibling - The Composition of Mercury and Implications for the Solar System

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