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Seminars 2011

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 26 Bill Feldman Search for Buried Bulk Water Ice Deposits at Non-Polar Latitudes on Mars
Feb 02 Renu Malhotra (LPL) The early history of the solar system
Feb 23 Nikole Lewis (LPL) The Atmospheric Circulation of Extrasolar Giant Planets
Mar 02 Anton Ivanov MARSIS radar: exploration of subsurface on Mars and Phobos
Mar 23 David Vaniman (LANL) The sluggish (or not) lives of sulfate minerals on Mars: What might Mars Science Laboratory find?
Mar 30 Sarah M. Hörst (LPL) Unraveling the Composition of Tholins Using Very High Resolution Mass Spectrometry
Apr 06 Priyanka Sharma (LPL) Constraints on Titan's topography through fractal analysis of shorelines and comparison with terrestrial analogs
Apr 27 Susanne Douglas (Applicant) Inorganic Footprints of Life
May 04 Shane Byrne (LPL) Climate and geomorphology in a volatile martian landscape.
May 05 Henry Throop (Applicant) Planet Formation in Dense Star Clusters
May 18 Tommy Grav (Applicant) The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)
Jun 13 James N. Head A Scientist at the State Department
Jun 29 Jim McElwaine (Applicant) Granular Flows and Avalanches
Jul 06 Joe Spitale Resonant Phenomena in Saturn's Rings: Theory and Observation
Jul 29 Sarah Andre (Applicant) Degraded multi-ring impact basins on Mercury
Aug 03 Luke Sollitt New Concepts in Laser Instrumentation for Planetary Science and Astrobiology
Aug 17 Ming-Chang Liu (Applicant) The Hottest Mineral in the Solar System and Irradiation from the Proto-Sun
Aug 27 Rebecca Ghent (Applicant) TBD
Oct 12 JP Kirby (Applicant) Enceladus Amino Acid Sampler
Oct 28 Patrick Michel Numerical modeling of asteroids and space missions to their primitive components
Nov 16 Sugata Tan Cryogenic Equation of State for extra-terrestrial applications: Titan's case

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