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Seminars 2010

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 20 Catherine Johnson Geophysics of the Moon and Mercury from Old Data and New
Feb 10 Bill Feldman Search for Buried High-grade Water Ice at Low-to-mid Latitudes of Mars Using MONS Neutron Data
Apr 16 Nadine Barlow (NAU) Central Pit Craters on Mars and Ganymede
Apr 21 Marc Fries (JPL) Carbon as a Mineral Phase in Extraterrestrial Materials, and Some Other Adventures
May 05 Deborah Domingue Lorin The Spectral and Photometric Properties of Mercury's Disk-integrated Brightness: Results from MESSENGER's Third Flyby of Mercury
May 12 Joe Spitale (CICLOPS/Space Science Institute) Detection of Free Unstable Modes and Massive Bodies in Saturn's Outer B Ring
May 20 Elizabeth Jensen (MMT Observatory and ACS Engineering & Safety, Ltd.) Faraday Rotation Using the MESSENGER RF Carrier at Solar Minimum
Jun 03 Kevin Housen (The Boeing Co.) Impact Cratering on Porous Asteroids
Jun 28 Faith Vilas (MMT Observatory) The Short Wavelength End of the Space Weathering of Planetary Surfaces
Aug 17 Candice Hansen (JPL) Spring on Mars, Imaged by HiRISE
Sep 15 Matthew Pasek (Univ of South Florida) On the Astrobiology of Phosphorus: Is there DNA on Titan?
Oct 13 Eric Palmer (LPL) Aqueous Alteration on CM Meteorites
Oct 20 W. Brent Garry (Smithsonian Institute) Inflated Lava Flows in Hawai’i, New Mexico, and Idaho: Implications for the Moon and Mars
Nov 03 Joanna Morgan (Imperial College) High-resolution imaging of the peak ring at the Chicxulub crater, and implications for peak ring formation
Dec 08 David Levy Poetry of the Night: Exploring the relationship between the night sky and English Literature

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