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Seminars 2009

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 21 Brian Travis (Los Alamos National Lab) Brine Aquifers, Salt Deposits and Ice Lenses on Mars
Jan 26 Kenneth L. Tanaka (Astrogeology Team, U.S. Geological Survey) Advances in Mars' north polar stratigraphy and geomorphology
Jan 28 Eric Palmer (LPL) The Detection, Production and Stability of Carbon Dioxide on Iapetus and other Saturnian Moons
Feb 19 James M. Dohm (Department of Hydrology & Water Resources, UA) Claritas rise, Valles Marineris, and Tharsis/Elysium corridor: markers for the early-, middle-, and late-stage development of Tharsis'
Feb 24 Alfonso F. Davila (NASA Ames Research Center) Follow the water-Follow the salts. Learnings from the Atacama Desert about the search for life on Mars
Mar 12 Jeffrey Kargel (Department of Hydrology & Water Resources, UA) Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS) and Satellite Image Classification and Glacier Dynamics in Alaska
Mar 16 Jon Clarke (Mars Society Australia) Relief inversion on Earth and Mars
Apr 01 Gareth Collins (Natural Environment Research Fellow, Imperial College, London) Numerical simulations of oblique impact crater formation
Apr 03 Goro Komatsu (International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Italy) Cataclysmic flooding from paleolakes in cold environment: A comparative study on Earth and Mars
Apr 08 Robert G. Strom (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, UA) Mercury and the MESSENGER First and Second Flyby Results
Apr 24 Jani Radebaugh (Brigham Young University) Titan's Mobile Surface: Eolian Activity, Erosion, and Tectonism on Titan from Cassini Radar
May 15 Mary Chapman (U.S. Geological Survey) Evidence of Young Outflow Materials in Echus Chasma, Mars
May 20 Alice Baldridge (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) Contemporaneous Deposition of Phyllosilicates and Sulfates; Using Australian Acidic Saline Lake Deposits to Describe Geochemical Variability on Mars
May 29 Nicholas Tosca (Harvard University) Water on Ancient Mars: Mineralogical Constraints on Timing, Duration and Chemistry
Jun 12 Barbara Cohen (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center) The Moon is a Planet Too: Lunar Science and Robotic Exploration
Jul 29 Ross Irwin (Naltional Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute) Theater-headed Valleys and Landscape Evolution in Terrestrial Arid to Hyperarid Deserts: Analogs to the Noachian Highlands of Mars
Aug 26 Mark Bishop (PSI and University of South Australia) Comparative Nearest Neighbor Analysis of Mega-Barchanoid Dunes, Ar Rub al Khali, Sand Sea: The Application of Geographical Indices to the Understanding of Dune Field Self-Organization, Maturity and Environmental Change
Sep 30 Steve Larson (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona) The Catalina Sky Survey for Near-Earth Objects - and other transients
Oct 21 Susan Benecchi (Space Telescope Science Institute) Solar System Archaeology
Oct 29 Sanlyn Buxner (University of Arizona) Education Research and Building Strategic E/PO
Nov 04 Colin Dundas (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona) Modeling Sublimation of Impact-exposed Ice on Mars
Nov 20 Dave Rubie (University of Bayreuth, Germany) Accretion, Composition and Core-Mantle Differentiation of the Earth
Dec 02 Victor Baker (Hydrology and Water Resorces, University of Arizona) Megafloods on Earth and Mars
Dec 16 Jim Head (Raytheon) US Human Spaceflight Program: Past and Future

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