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Seminars 2008

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 09 Matthew Chamberlain Long Wavelength Thermal Observations of Large Asteroids
Jan 16 Michael Müller (Steward Obs, U of AZ) Thermal Inertia of Asteroids -- Regolith Coverage and Yarkovsky Effect
Jan 30 Jérémie Vaubaillon (Spitzer Science Center, Caltech) Spitzer Observations of Comets: Unveiling the Lurking Dust
Feb 06 Anne Jay (Open University, UK) Everything You Wanted to Know About Flood Basalt Provinces but were Afraid to Ask
Feb 13 Asmin Pathare (PSI) Stratigraphic Anomalies in the Martian North Polar Layered Deposits
Feb 28 Bethany Ehlmann (Brown University) The CRISM View of Hydrated Silicates and Implications for Aqueous Alteration on Noachian Mars
Mar 19 David O'Brien (PSI) The Paucity of Small Craters on Eros and Itokawa: You Can't Explain This One, Yarkovsky
Mar 26 Bill Feldman Taranis - A French Mission to Study Upward Lightning
Apr 02 James Rice (Arizona State University) MER: Conducting Field Geology on Mars
Apr 09 Ann Sprague (LPL, Univ of AZ) Mercury Update: MESSENGER and MORE
Apr 23 Doug Isbell (NOAO) Think Globally, Lead Locally: Plans for the International Year of Astronomy, Optics Education, and Dark Skies
Apr 24 Joe Michalski (CNES, France) Infrared, Thermophysical, and Geomorphic Studies of Aqueously Altered Surfaces on Mars
May 07 Tom Statler (Ohio University) The Spin States of Small Near-Earth Asteroids
May 22 Andrew Valdez (U.S. National Park Service) Physical Processes that Control the Development of the Great Sand Dunes Aeolian System, and their Role in the Management of Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado, USA
May 28 Steve Croft (NOAO) Getting Earth and Space Science into the K-14 Classroom
Jun 04 Haim Tsoar (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel) The Effect of Climate Change on Mobility and Stability of Sand Dunes
Jun 05 Les Bleamaster (PSI) Searching for Meteorites in Antarctica, or What I did on my Christmas Vacation
Jul 31 Karly Pitman (JPL) Titan's Surface and Atmosphere as Viewed by Cassini VIMS
Aug 04 Larry Lebofsky (Steward Observatory, U of AZ) Engaging Students in the Process of Science
Sep 10 Michael Belton (BSEI) Cometary Cryo-volcanism
Sep 17 Robert Reedy (Univ of New Mexcico) Cosmic-Ray-Produced Nuclides: Their Production and Uses for Solar-System Objects from Europa to the Earth and the Sun
Sep 23 Yan Fernandez (Univ of Central Florida) Thermophyiscal Properties of Small Bodies as Revealed by the Spitzer Space Telescope
Sep 28 Cyrena Goodrich (City Univ of New York) Stages in the Differentiation of Terrestrial Planets: Early (Ureilites) and Later (Martian Meteorites)
Oct 22 Dan Berman (PSI) Degradation of Mid-Latitude Craters on Mars
Oct 29 Audrey Bouvier (ASU) The Evolution of Mars, a Perspective from SNC Meteorites
Nov 05 Catherine Neish (Univ of AZ) Formation of Prebiotic Molecules in Liquid Water Environments on the Surface of Titan
Nov 19 Jon Pelletier (Univ of AZ) Modeling Eolian Processes and Landforms on Earth and Mars
Dec 02 Robert Jedicke (Univ of Hawaii) The Distribution of Basaltic Asteroids in the Main Belt
Dec 03 Kathryn Volk (Univ of AZ) Resupplying the Jupiter Family Comets from the Kuiper Belt: The Roles of Various Dynamical Subclasses
Dec 10 Bradford Castalia (Univ of AZ) Maestro: Managing Conductor Networks of Automated Processing Pipelines

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