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Seminars 2006

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 05 Edward F. Tedesco (University of New Hampshire) The Asteroid Size-Frequency Distribution: Fact and Fantasy
Jan 11 Vicki Hansen (University of Minnesota Duluth) Spatially Isolated Time-Transgressive Equilibrium Resurfacing; the SPITTER hypothesis, an alternative for catastrophic resurfacing of Venus
Feb 16 Bill Feldman (Los Alamos National Laboratory / PSI) Water on Mars: Scientific Results from the Mars Odyssey Neutron Spectrometer
Feb 22 Mikhail Zolotov (Dept. of Geological Sciences, Arizona State University) Water-Rock Reactions on Non-Planetary Bodies in the Early Solar System
Mar 01 Jim Skinner (US Geological Survey, Flagstaff AZ) Rejuvenated Lunar Geologic Mapping: Overview and Copernicus Quadrangle Status
Mar 22 Heather Viles (Oxford University Centre for the Environment) Rock breakdown on Earth and Mars
Mar 23 Hideaki "Hirdy" Miyamoto (Dept. of Geosystem Engineering, University of Tokyo / PSI) Preliminary results of the multiband imager of the Hayabusa mission
Apr 12 Matthew Chamberlain (PSI) Application of surface thermal models to martian ground ice
Apr 26 David P. O'Brien (PSI) Terrestrial Planet Formation with Strong Dynamical Friction
Jun 28 Humberto Campins (Dept. of Physics, University of Central Florida) The nature of comet-asteroid transition object (3200) Phaethon
Sep 20 Nicola Richmond (PSI & Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona) Estimating the age and origin of the lunar crustal magnetic anomalies
Oct 18 Tamara Goldin (Lunar and Planetary Lab and Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona) The deposition of the K/T boundary layer: flaming forests, dead dinos, and some really bad weather
Nov 01 Alex Storrs (Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences, Towson University & Steward Observatory, University of Arizona) HST BVI Photometry of Triton and Proteus
Nov 22 John Keller (Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona) Distribution of Cl observed by Mars Odyssey GRS
Nov 29 John Keller (Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona) Undergraduate Beliefs about the Greenhouse Effect
Dec 06 Rory Barnes (Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona) Distributions of Planetary Systems Dynamics
Dec 20 Gilda Ballester (Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona) Europa's tenuous atmosphere

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