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Seminars 2004

Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Seminar recording
Jan 21 Tim Jull (Geosciences Dept., University of Arizona) Terrestrial ages and infall rates of meteorites
Jan 28 Mary Bourke (PSI) Aeolian-fluvial dynamics in central Australia and the Namib Desert
Feb 04 Michael Meyer (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona) An Astronomical Search for the Essential Ingredients of Life: The New UofA/NOAO LAPLACE Node of NASA's Astrobiology Institute
Feb 11 Hirdy Miyamoto (Lunar & Planetary Lab, University of Arizona) Numerical simulation of debris flows over sand dunes on Mars
Feb 18 Gareth Collins (Lunar & Planetary Lab., University of Arizona) Numerical Simulations of the South Pole-Aitken Impact
Feb 25 John Stansberry (Steward Observatory, University of Arizona) Early Results from Spitzer Space Telescope
Mar 03 Ralph Lorenz (Lunar & Planetary Lab., University of Arizona) Comet-Tail Ejecta Streaks : A Cratering Landform Unique to Titan?
Mar 10 Jay Melosh (Lunar & Planetary Lab., University of Arizona) Shatter cones, pseudotachylites and other impact insults
Mar 24 Rachel Mastrapa (Lunar & Planetary Lab., University of Arizona) Stability of Amorphous Water Ice on Solar System Bodies: A Key to Thermal History
Mar 31 Boris Ivanov (Inst. for Dynamics of Geospheres, Russian Academy of Sciences) First European Mars Mission: HRSC images Mars in colors and stereo
Apr 07 Richard Poss (Humanities Program and Astronomy Dept., University of Arizona) Interpreting Planetary Landscapes in Visual Art
Apr 14 Adam Showman (Lunar & Planetary Lab, University of Arizona) Atmospheric dynamics of the giant planets
Apr 21 Natalia Artemieva (Inst. for Dynamics of Geospheres, Russian Academy of Sciences) Martian meteorites and secondary craters on Mars
Apr 28 Gordon "Oz" Osinski - Planet Science Institute & Lunar & Planetary Lab. Antarctica: Ice, Mountains, and Meteorites
May 04 Robert Jedicke - Inst. for Astronomy, University of Hawaii Space Weathering on Main Belt Asteroids
May 12 Renu Malhotra (LPL) Asteroids, KBOs and other debris in planetary systems
May 19 Gil Esquerdo (PSI) The APO-PSI TNO Survey
May 26 Eric Betterton (Atmospheric Sciences Dept, University of Arizona) Chemical reactions in frozen solution: A possible pathway for enhanced chemical transformation in freezing systems
Jun 02 Giuseppe Mitri (Intern. Res. School of Planetary Sciences, Universita` d'Annunzio & Univ. of Arizona) Thermal evolution and present state of the ice shell of Europa
Jun 09 Steve Howell (National Optical Astronomy Observatory) There's a New Detector in Town !
Jun 16 Karl Hibbitts (PSI) A 'dark secret' of Ganymede revealed
Jun 30 Barbara Cohen (Institute of Meteoritics, Univ. of New Mexico) Geochemical and Geochronological Testing of the Lunar Cataclysm Hypothesis
Sep 08 David Trilling (UA Steward Observatory) Debris disks: Ours and theirs
Sep 15 David Lien (PSI) The Color of Clouds
Sep 22 Susan Wyckoff (ASU Physics & Astronomy) Comet Cosmochemistry
Sep 28 Bill Feldman (Los Alamos National Lab) TBD
Sep 29 Melissa Lane (PSI) Whaddabout the Sulfates on Mars? (What we know; what we suppose; what it means)
Oct 20 Hamish McGowan (University of Queensland) Aeolian processes and landforms in a polar desert: Proxy for regional climate variability?
Oct 27 Ken Edgett (Malin Space Science Systems) The Skeleton Upon Which Hangs the Geologic Record of Mars
Nov 03 Kai Wuenneman (UA Lunar & Planetary Lab) Formation of Complex Crater Structures Considering Ries Crater as an Example
Dec 01 Serena Kim (UA Steward Observatory) Placing Our Solar System in Context: Latest Results from the FEPS Spitzer Legacy Science Program
Dec 08 Beatrice Mueller (PSI) Cometary Rotation

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