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MetSoc2017 Santa Fe

This webpage has details on a pre-conference, 1-day morning workshop and afternoon field trip on Sunday, July 23rd, along with some details on two official MetSoc field trip options on Wednesday, July 26th.  The Sunday workshop and field trip(s) are free to attend. The Wednesday afternoon field trips will require $36 payment when you register for MetSoc ’17.

Refer to the MetSoc ’17 website ( ) for more details on MetSoc ’17 in Santa Fe, New Mexico from July 23rd to 28th.


Sunday, July 23rd


9 AM to 12 noon:

(later start to accommodate late Saturday arrivals to ABQ/SAF and “jet lag”)


A workshop on “Recognizing the criteria for ancient impact structures” at La Fonda Hotel will have at least three 30-minute talks on this subject with time for discussion.  See 1-page LPI abstracts at the link above on these paraphrased talk topics:

Wolf Uwe Reimold – “Recognition of Impact Structures: Part 1” on shatter cones and geophysical anomalies  9:30 to 10:00 am

Christian Koeberl - "Recognition of Terrestrial Impact Structures, Part 2" reviews meteoritic components and shock effects.  10:15 to 10:45 am

Aaron Cavosie – “Shock metamorphism at the Santa Fe impact structure as a case study”  11:00 to 11:30 am

Shawn Wright – field trip guidebook and logistics   11:45 – 12:00

(break for lunch in downtown Santa Fe)

Many options for restaurants - see MetSoc website.

1:30 PM until 4:15 (or 5:30 ?) PM:    

Depart La Fonda Hotel at 1:30 PM for the field trip to see shatter cones and breccias.  A printed field guide will be handed out.  This field trip bus is capped at 44 participants due to the bus size.

The bus Sunday will leave at 1:30 PM and could return at 4:15 PM in time for the conference mixer at 5:00 PM.  However, if the field trip participants overwhelmingly vote to stay later than 4:15 PM, there will be more time to peruse several hillsides and return at 5:30 PM.  The last stop of the field trip is a “on your own” hike around the Dale Ball Trail to see various fault breccias and possible impact breccias as clasts in the fault breccias.  Hikers can stay on trails or walk slightly off trails to examine outcrops.

Wednesday, July 26th

The Wednesday bus departures will leave from the conference center. 

Dr. Aaron Cavosie will lead a field trip at 1:30 on Wednesday to view and discuss sites where detrital shocked minerals have been confirmed.  Dr. Cavosie will take field trip participants to several gullies (all dry, easy walking access) to view sediment collection sites, discuss how detrital shocked mineral studies are conducted, and to visit nearby outcrops to search for evidence of shocked bedrock.  A field guide will be provided. Also see

This 1:30 PM field trip is different than the Sunday field trip and the later (3:00 PM) field trip on that same Wednesday, July 26th.

“Due to popular demand”, we have added a 2nd field trip on Wednesday the 26th at 3:00 PM.   It will also depart from the conference center.  Dr. Horton Newsom (University of New Mexico) will collect 3:00 PM field trip registrants at 2:50 PM and depart by 3:00 PM..  Wright and then Cavosie will then join this 2nd field trip for the 1st or 2nd stop (shatter cones and fault breccias) as Field Trip #1 is ending at ~3:30 PM.  This 2nd field trip is nearly identical to the Sunday field trips, but different than Wednesday’s Field Trip #1 starting at 1:30 PM.

Email the workshop conveners ( both at or or ) for more information.  

Santa Fe Shattercone OutcropBreccia
Santa Fe Shattercone Outcrop Breccia
Breccia Tower
Breccia Tower

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