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PSI's Larry Lebofsky Offers Workshops at National Science Teachers Association Meeting in Los Angeles

larry nat. sci. teachers assn. meeting 
PSI Senior Education Specialist Larry Lebofsky presented two workshops at the National Science Teachers Association meeting in Los Angeles. About 15,000 educators attended the event.
Lebofsky’s presentation on Exploring Unknown Worlds started with a PowerPoint on how we view objects in space over time, observing with our eyes, asking questions and building instruments to help us see better. 
Above, educators explore a new world as viewed through toilet paper tubes: from the ground with atmosphere, outside the atmosphere, during a flyby, orbiting, landing, and sample return. With each step the learn more, but develop new questions to answer.
His presentation on Classification had the participants sort a dozen balls, using criteria like texture, sport, color, size, etc. They were then given two more balls that were very different, to see how they fit in, or not. 
Below, educators decide which characteristics they will use to sort different balls.
larry nsta sorting
May 22, 2017
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