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Mayor Romero Proclaims Aug. 18 to be PSI Day in Tucson

Mark and Mayor Romero PSI day

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and Mark Sykes

Aug. 18, 2022 has been proclaimed Planetary Science Institute Day in Tucson by the Mayor.

Citing PSI’s 50th anniversary and the many accomplishments and highlights the Institute has enjoyed, Mayor Regina Romero presented PSI Director Mark Sykes with a proclamation that said Aug. 18, 2022 is Planetary Science Institute Day in this community and encouraged all our residents to celebrate this special day.

Romero’s proclamation said PSI is the largest private employer of planetary scientists in the world, providing high-paid, high-technology jobs that boost the local economy; and scientists and staff at the Planetary Science Institute are involved in all NASA Solar System exploration missions, as well as missions of other nations, and are engaged in cutting edge research from the Sun to Earth to Pluto and to the thousands of planets around other stars; and scientists and staff at the Planetary Science Institute are exploring the origins of life on Earth, where it may arise elsewhere in our Solar System and beyond, and the detectability of other technological civilizations in our galaxy.

Also, the Planetary Science Institute is dedicated to conveying to the regional and general public what it is learning about the universe in which we live, through science education and public outreach including school programs, children’s books, popular science books and art, to advance science literacy and inspire individuals to pursue careers in science and related fields; and the Planetary Science Institute has been a pioneer in creating a geographically distributed workforce and achieving gender parity in its demographics, science leadership, salary, and success in a substantial scientific organization; and the Planetary Science Institute is celebrating its 50th anniversary as a local business placing Tucson at the forefront of planetary exploration.

Watch what happened in the video below!

Aug. 14, 2022
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