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PSI In The News

Sierra Magazine, February Stargazing: The Moon and the Mob
National Geographic, Three exciting alien moons to get first look up close in nearly 20 years
Quanta Magazine, Rumbles on Mars Raise Hopes of Underground Magma Flows
The Daily Galaxy, "A Red Herring" – The 'Life-Bearing' Clouds of Venus
Chemical Market Reports, Mysterious Compound On Saturn's Moon Rhea's Surface is Hydrazine
Salon, Why do so many astronomy discoveries fail to live up to the hype?
Daily Research Advisor, Earths With Large Oceans are actually Probably Common in the Galaxy
NewScientist, Puzzling signal on Saturn's moon Rhea may finally be explained
Space Daily, Back to Venus armed with laboratory findings
Undark Magazine, Who Do So Many Astronomy Discoveries Fail to Live Up to the Hype?
SpaceRef, Six-Wavelength Spectroscopy Can Offer New Details of Surface of Venus
Astrobites, Astrobites at AAS 237: Day 5, Six-wavelength spectroscopy can offer new details of surface of Venus
Nach Welt, Sechs-Wellenlängen-Spektroskopie kann neue Details der Oberfläche der Venus bieten
Arizona Daily Sun, Planets for the public: USGS launches interactive digital map effort
Isthmus, Embrace the weather...or not
Daily Beast, 2021 Is 'the Year Mars Gets Competitive'

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