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PSI In The News

Bloomberg, Universities Scramble to Understand Impact of Generative AI
SpaceRef, NASA’s Webb Telescope Finds Elusive Water Vapor in Rare Main Belt Comet
Newsweek, Video of Green Fireball Exploding Over Airport Viewed More Than 200K Times
Giant Freakin Robot, Asteroid Belt Reveals Water Vapor For First Time In History, Is There Life?
AI IRL, Is AI Our Future Teacher?
Science Alert, Water Vapor Detected in The Solar System's Asteroid Belt For First Time
Torres News, Water Vapor Found in the Solar System’s Asteroid Belt for the First Time
East Africa News Post, They found a water comet in the asteroid belt
One Green Planet, Experts Rushing to Explore Hawaii’s Permafrost Before it Vanishes Due to Climate Change
Hawaii News Now, Rare tropical permafrost near Mauna Kea’s summit diminishing, researchers find
The Cleveland American, They find a comet with water in the asteroid belt
Astronomy Magazine, Why is Venus so different from Earth?
Fox News, NASA's Webb Space Telescope finds water around mysterious main belt comet
Kopalnia Wiedzy, Przez 15 lat szukali wody w kometach. W końcu pokazał im ją Teleskop Webba
Onet, Przez 15 lat szukali wody w kometach. Pomógł Teleskop Webba
WSVN News 7 Miami, Webb telescope spots water in rare comet
Universe Today, JWST Finds a Comet Still Holding Onto Water in the Main Asteroid Belt
News 9 Live, James Webb Space Telescope observes water outgassing from comet Comet 238P/Read
SciTechDaily, Unexpected New Quest for Astronomers After Webb’s Mysterious Find in Rare Main Belt Comet
IFL Science, JWST Finds Water On A Nearby Comet But Surprisingly, Something Is Missing
The News International, Breakthrough as JWST detects water on main belt comet in solar system
Trill Mag, NASA’s Webb Telescope Discovers Water In Extraordinary Comet Encounter
WDRB, Webb Finds Water: Astronomers Found Water Vapor Around A Comet For The First Time
Scientific American, Hawaii Has Permafrost, and Scientists Are Racing to Study It before It’s Gone, James Webb Space Telescope detects outgassing water from main-belt comet
Tech Explorist, Webb finds water, and a new mystery, in rare main belt comet
CNN, Webb telescope spots water in rare comet, James Webb Space Telescope discovers water around a mysterious comet
PetaPixel, Webb Finds Water in Rare Main-Belt Comet, Spurring New Mysteries
Houston Chronicle, Webb telescope's latest discovery could show how water arrived on Earth
The BHP, NASA Webb Space Telescope Capture Comet 238P/Read
Audacy, Mysterious rock that crashed through a New Jersey roof was a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite
Yahoo News, Object that crashed into bedroom was 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite
The Bharat Express News, Warm object that crashed into New Jersey’s bedroom was a 4.5-billion-year-old meteorite “in excellent condition,” experts confirm
CBS News, Warm object that crashed into New Jersey bedroom was a 4.5 billion-year-old meteorite "in excellent condition," experts confirm

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