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PSI In The News

D1SoftballNews, The first traces of an ocean beneath the surface of the small moon Mimas
SpaceRef, PSI's David Grinspoon Honored as Lifetime AAAS Fellow, Mars' suspected underground lakes could be just volcanic rock, new study finds
Astronomy Magazine, Exoplanet Earth: What our world tells us about the cosmos
SciNews, Study: Frequency of Asteroid Impacts in Inner Solar System Constant over Past 600 Million Years
Verve Times, Saturn's 'Death Star' Moon Might Be Hiding An Underground Ocean
New York Times, An Ocean May Lurk Inside Saturn's 'Death Star' Moon
San Antonio Express-News, Southwest Research Institute find: A Saturn moon is likely another 'ocean world'
Business Insider, Saturn's 'Death Star' moon may have a secret ocean, revealing a new category of worlds that could host alien life
Newswise, Planetary astronomer Cristina Thomas named 2022 Emerging Scholar for trailblazing research and mentorship
The Verge, Saturn's 'Death Star' moon might be hiding an underground ocean
Universe Today, Even Tiny Mimas Seems to Have an Internal Ocean of Liquid Water
SciNews, Saturn's Moon Mimas Hosts Global Ocean, New Study Suggests
Supreme Master Television, Volcanic deposit discovered on Mars indicates possible microbial life
SYFY Wire, Is Mars Turning Into Dune? Its Megaripples Sure Look Like Arrakis
Yahoo, Is Mars turning into Dune? Its megaripples sure look like Arrakis
The Express Tribune, Chinese lunar lander discovers water on Moon
Arizona Daily Star, Tucsonans who have been moved, appointed or promoted in 2022
Head Topics, China landed on the Moon and found water in dirt and rocks
The Daily Guardian, A substance like a mole in near-Earth asteroid
Bolly Inside, Lunar water discovered for first time on the lunar surface
Mashable, China landed on the moon and found water in dirt and rocks
SpaceRef, Widespread Megaripple Activity on Martian North Pole Area
Swift Headline, Mars Megaripples Show Red Planet Actively Reshaping Its Landscape
D1SoftballNews, Martian sands in motion
CNET, Mars megaripples show red planet actively reshaping its landscape, Widespread megaripple activity found on Martian north pole area
Verve Times, Widespread Megaripple Activity Found On Martian North Pole Area
Florida News Times, Extensive mega-ripple activity in the Arctic region of Mars
Inverse, The Best Space Thriller on Netflix Reveals a Real Lunar Mystery
The Times, Giant sunshade could make scorching Venus habitable, says NASA's chief scientist
BizTucson, BizPeople: Maurizio Balistreri
Pakistan Christian TV, Scientists reveal new evidence of life on Earth's "twin"
The Daily Guardian, Evidence for the origin of nearby asteroids rich in minerals
Prestigious Scholarships, Maurizio Balistreri Named CFO at Planetary Science Institute

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