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PSI In The News

Phys.Org, Comet 2019 LD2 (ATLAS) found to be actively transitioning
CBC News, Life on Venus? Recent findings hinting at life in the clouds questioned
EurAsian Times, After the US and Soviet Russia, China Launches Moon Mission To Bring Back Lunar Rocks After 40 Years
Voice of America, China Launches Lunar Probe
The Wenatchee World, China calls launch a success as robotic spacecraft heads to Moon
Daily Express , Venus life: Phosphine discovery could be wide of the mark – study
The Williams Record, Star Choir: Phase 1 Brings a Panel of Experts to Create Art out of Science
EarthSky, Pluto's landscape more like Earth's than previously thought
Nature, Prospects for life on Venus face – but aren't dead yet
Smithsonian Magazine, Radiation Might Make Jupiter's Salty, Icy Moon Europa Glow
State of the Planet, Pluto's Landscape Is More Like Earth's Than Previously Thought
FocusTechnia, New Chronology of the Saturn Planetary System
ScienceNews, Jupiter's icy moon Europa may glow in the dark
N3ws, New Chronology of the Saturn Planetary System
SciTechDaily, New Chronology of the Saturn Planetary System
Albuquerque Journal, Looking up: Virtual Cosmic Carnival explores all things astronomical
EarthSky, How Jupiter's moon Io gets its hellish atmosphere
Cosmos, Unusual centaur emitting gas and dust
ASU Now, 4 ways we could land on other planets
Cosmos , What is it with all that dust?
Info Q, Dr. Pamela Gay from the Planetary Science Institute on Citizen Science
The State Journal, Bluegrass Skies: OSIRIS-REx samples an asteroid
High Times, NORML 2020 Conference Honors the Late Dr. Lester Grinspoon
Rocket Women, Meet A Rocket Woman: Dr. Ryan Watkins, Research Scientist, Planetary Science Institute & Consultant, Blue Origin
SciTechDaily, Hidden Pockets of Water Could Be Common on the Surface of the Moon
Knowledia, Tiny moon shadows may harbor hidden stores of ice
SpaceRef, Small Water Ice Reservoirs Dot the Lunar Surface
Weizmann Wonder Wander, Cool in the Shade: How Ice Could Exist Near the Lunar Surface
Upnewsinfo, Tiny moon shadows may harbor hidden stores of ice – ScienceDaily
The Weather Network, The Moon's perpetual shadows may harbour twice the ice we once thought
SpaceRef, Claudia Alexander Prize Will Honor Mid-Career Planetary Scientists
KGUN-TV Channel 9, Tucson science group finds ice pockets on Moon
Science Daily, Tiny moon shadows may harbor hidden stores of ice
Deutsche Welle, Discovery of life on Venus? Researchers butt heads
Scientific American, Can a Moon Base be Safe for Astronauts?

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