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PSI In The News

Daily Mail, Researchers find 3,600-year-old evidence that ancient city of Tall el-Hammam was destroyed by 'cosmic airburst,' which may have inspired Bible story of desturction of Sodom
The Clarie People, Scientist who "downgraded" Pluto wants to put another world in the planet category
The Science Times, 'The Man Who Killed Pluto:' Mike Brown Believes New Planet More Worthy than Former Ninth Planet
The Daily Beast, Why the Universe is Annoyed by the Astronomer Pushing a Ninth Planet
SpaceRef, All is Quiet Among Newly Studied Centaurs, Ancient Mars was rocked by violent, climate-changing volcanic eruptions
Screen Rant, Thousands of Volcanic Super Eruptions Rocked Ancient Mars
Covalence magazine, Your God Is To Small: Vatican Observatory Director offers a cosmic point of view in upcoming webinar
WIRED, The Dark Asteroid Ryugu Finally Comes Into the Light
News Net Nebraska, A discussion about the presence of dust on the asteroid Ryugu
SpaceRef, Ryugy in Opposition to Hayabusa2: A Starkly Lit Distribution of Dust and Rock
Fox 23 News (Maine), Largest Mars rock on Earth on display at Maine museum, Scientists cite destructive dangers of climate change, land use in mountain ranges
WFMZ-TV News, Largest Piece Of Mars On Earth now On Display at The Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
Planetary News, Impacts Keep Ceres' Surface Hydrated
NAU News, Astronomer recruiting volunteers in effort to quadruple number of known asteroids, Doctoral student recruiting volunteers in effort to quadruple number of known active asteroids
Forbes, Does Commercial Asteroid Mining Still Have a Future?
The Daily Galaxy, Extraterrestrial Life – "Is Earth the 'Standard Model' for the Universe?"
EarthSky, Ceres' Icy Crust Excavated By Impacts
SpaceRef, Traces of Ceres' Icy Crust Found at Occator Crater
Science X, Best of Last Week – The Atlas humanoid robot, a nuclear fusion milestone, using AI to find COVID battling drugs
EarthSky, Blockchains Work Like DNA In Cells, Scientists Say
Sci-News, Crust of Dwarf Planet Ceres is Rich in Water Ice, New Research Confirms
En Son Haber (Turkey), Radyasyon sayesinde Mars yüzeyinin altında yaşam olabilir
Universe Today, Did the Moon Every Have a Magnetosphere
Raketa (Hungary), Ha a blokklánc a DNS megfelelője, akkor újra kell gondolni az élő szervezet definícióját
Chip (Poland), Systemy blockchain są żywymi istotami? Naukowcy zabrali głos w tej sprawie
Indiana Gazette, Sparked by 'Star Wars' and 'Cosmos,' a scientist studies what goes on underneath surface of planets
Mysterious Universe, Some Scientists Say Blockchain – the Foundation of Cryptocurrencies – is a Form of Life, Traces of Ceres' icy crust found at occator crater
The Hack Posts, Scientists Say Blockchain Systems Might Qualify as LIving Beings
Interesting Engineering, Scientists Say Blockchain Systems Might Qualify as Living Beings
Central Valley Business Journal, Venus, the infernal planet, is awake

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