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PSI In The News

Science Daily, Solar Eruption 'Photobombed" Mars Encounter With Comet Siding Spring
Boulder Weekly, Diving Into Saturn
Science Daily, What Do We Need To Know To Mine An Asteroid?
Futurism, It's Official: Cassini Just Completed Its Death Dive Into Saturn
Wales Online, These Amazing Pictures Show What the Probe Cassini Found on Its 20 Year Voyage Around Saturn
International Business Times, NASA's Cassini Plunges Into Saturn, Ending Its Extraordinary Mission After 20 Years in Space
Arizona Daily Star, University of Arizona, Tucson Scientists Played Major Role in Cassini Mission
Correio Braziliense, Sonda Cassini encerra histórica missão de 20 anos em Saturno, Cassini er død: Sådan gik de sidste timer
REF News, Космическая наука потеряла своего верного слугу – зонд «Кассини» утром 15 сентября погиб в атмосфере Сатурна
SpaceRef, Cassini Spacecraft Demise is Bittersweet for PSI's Hansen
The Times, What's On TV Tonight
Arizona Daily Star, Vishnu Reddy Went From New Delhi Journalist to UA Asteroid Hunter
SpaceRef, PSI's Prettyman Receives NASA Medal For Dawn Research
Sky & Telescope, Nearby Stellar Traffic Twice as Heavy as Previously Thought
Inquisitr, Study: 'City Killer' Asteroids Found to be More Rare, But 3.15 Million Are As Big As the Chelaybinsk Meteor
Daily Mail, The Rover That Could Reveal the Secrets Inside the Red Planet: NASA Shows Off InSight Craft Set to Launch Next Year and Drill Into the Planet's Surface
The American Bazaar, India's Chandrayaan-1 is a Good Model for International Space Collaboration, Says US Space Scientist
The Statesman (India), Eyes on Sky, Heart in India
UMD Right Now, Large, Distant Comets More CommonThan Previously Thought
The Telegraph (India), India 'Model" For Space Study
Live Science, Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Cast a 2-Year Shroud of Darkness Over Earth
Axios, Snow Possible at Night on Mars, Study Shows
International Business Times, Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Made the Biggest Climate Impact Ever
KVOA-TV Channel 4 (NBC), Tucson Elementary School Uses Eclipse as a Teaching Experience
The Marysville Advocate, California Couple to Come to Marysville for Their Big Day; NASA Scientists Look Forward to Trip to Homestead
St. George Daily Spectrum, Trekking From Utah: Watching the Eclipse in Idaho, Wyoming
Edgy Labs, Saturn's Moon Titan Will be a Human Colony
The Buckmaster Show, Mark Sykes Discusses Upcoming Solar Eclipse
Smithsonian, New Horizon's Next Target is an Oddly Shaped Asteroid
Arizona Public Media NPR, Amateurs Help Bring Life to Images of Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Science News For Students, Early Solar System May Have Slung Giant Mud Balls
Sky & Telescope, New Horizon's 2019 Target: A Binary Body?
Factor Daily, This NASA Mission to Pluto Seeks to Reach the Horizon of Our Solar System, and Beyond
Mice Times of Asia, Scientists Have Made a Grand Discovery About the Earth

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