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PSI In The News

Up News Info, NASA telescope captures 'explosive outburst' on small comet
Daily Beast, Could a Buried Ocean on Jupiter's Moon Point to Life Beyond Earth?
Stock Daily Dish, NASA will finally unseal and study 3 lunar samples that have sat intact for nearly 50 years
Discovery, What if the Moon Disappeared Tomorrow?
Stock Daily Dish, NASA's Jupiter mission Juno reveals giant polar storms
Earth & Space Science News, Deadly Collision Blows an Asteroid Apart
Times of India, AT IIT, US scientist praises Swachh Indore's fresh air
Arizona Daily Wildcat, 'Art of Planetary Science' paints the universe
American Astronomical Society, Faith Vilas Named Editor of the Planetary Science Journal
Tucson Topia, The Art of Planetary Science Event & Exhibition at Flandrau Science Center
Daily Press, A bold plan to stop climate change: Rework the economy
Free Press Journal, Indore: First time, foreigner to deliver convocation address at IIT-I
Industry Mirror, Other Red Planet Missions Could starve as a result of Mars 2020 Rover, Mars 2020 Rover Cost Could Starve Other Red Planet Missions
SpaceRef, Beyond Jupiter, Researchers Discover a 'Cradle of Comets'
Los Alamos Daily Post, UA: Researchers Discover 'Cradle of Comets"
University of Hawaii News, UH researcher emeritus joins Jeff Bezos’ moon project advisory team
Earth & Space Science News, Modern Planet Protection Rules Recommended and Welcomed
Stuff, NZ's dark sky sanctuaries sights worth traveling for
Boulder Daily Camera, Climate change takes center stage in TedxBoulder Series
The Washington Post, An audacious plan to stop climate change: Remake the entire economy
Parabolic Arc, NASA to Discuss Planetary Protection Review's Findings and Recommendations
Universe Today, Weekly Space Hangout: October 16, 2019 – Jeffrey Kargel Talks Climate Change on Earth and Beyond
Yahoo Finance, NASA to Discuss Planetary Protection Review's Findings and Recommendations
SpaceRef, Restructuring NASA's Planetary Research Program For ROSES 2021
La Voz, Apollopalooza: 50 years in the making
NOVA, Salts in Gale Crater suggest Mars lost its water through drastic climate fluctuations
SpaceRef, Mysterious Martian Methane Bursts Confirmed
Economic Times, NASA chief scientist said that we are ‘close’ to finding alien life; Astronomy professor said the statement is misleading
Earth & Space Science News, What Makes for Ethical Citizen Science Research?
Gizmodo, Would Finding Life on Mars Really Change Anything?
Gizmodo, We Should Deliberately Contaminate Mars With Our Microbes, Controversial Study Argues
LiveScience, How Many Humans Could the Moon Support?
Digital Weekly, Asteroid Terror: Asteroid ‘2019 OK’ Passed Earth By Just 0.19 ‘Astronomical’ Distance, Experts Claim Collision Would Have Caused Human Extinction

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