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PSI’s Mark Sykes Offers Scottish Students a Look At Solar System Exploration

mark at scottish school

Mark Sykes takes a question from a student at the Sgoil Bhagh A Chaistiel school in Castlebay, Barra, Scotland. 

While on a three-week trip to Scotland, PSI Director and CEO Mark Sykes gave presentations on Solar System exploration at two schools on the isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides. He spoke to about 170 primary and secondary students at the Sgoil Bhagh A Chaistiel school in Castlebay and to 18 students at Sgoil Eolaigearraidh school in Eoligarry.  

Sykes has ancestors from Barra and South Uist and was also visiting family while there. "This is a special place for me, with people that speak the language of my grandfather McLean. It is always a pleasure to speak with students about the work that we do. There were lots of good questions and discussions, and I was impressed with the knowledge of a number of the students." 

schools where mark spoke

The two Scottish schools where Mark Sykes gave presentations on Solar System exploration.

Dec. 1, 2019
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