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PSI’s Georgiana Kramer Book Chapter Looks at Human Habitation on Moon

George Kramer

Georgiana Kramer


PSI Senior Scientist Georgiana Kramer contributed a chapter to a new book “Handbook of Lunar Base Design and Development” published by Springer Cham. 

Kramer’s chapter, “Origin, Geography and Geology of the Moon,” includes information on how human interaction will impact the Moon. 

With respect to human habitation and resource utilization, water ice is the fundamental priority. We know now it exists at and near the lunar poles; the remaining questions are exactly where the accessible deposits are located and exactly how much water ice is available for extraction,” Kramer said. “Despite its fragility and potential scientific importance, lunar ice will be in high demand as a basis for obtaining water for life support, hydrogen for propulsion, as well as other uses.” 

Human activity will damage aspects of the Moon and its environment, so it is crucial that we take care, especially in these first steps, to characterize its current state, prior to increased human activity. It is necessary that we understand the effects of human activity on the Moon’s unique environmental qualities so that they be preserved, not for their own sake, but in order to protect the very uses which will cause us to go there,” Kramer said. 

“The Moon is likely to remain of central importance because of its proximity and the availability of raw materials necessary for future human activities on the Moon as well as further out in space. Access to lunar resources may help “bootstrap” a space-based economy from modest beginnings on the lunar surface until much of the inner Solar System lies within the sphere of human economic activity,” Kramer said. “In the fullness of time, this has the potential to yield significant economic benefits to human society on Earth by opening the world economy to external sources of energy and raw materials.”

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Nov. 6, 2022
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