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Family SciFest 2023 Attendees Enjoy STEM-Based Activities

kristina lopez at Family SCIFest 2023

PSI’s Kristina Lopez, right, discusses a meteorite sample with Family SCIFest attendees at Children’s Museum Tucson. Credit: Sanlyn Buxner.

PSI offered kids of all ages a chance to learn about meteorites, have their image taken with an infrared camera, build strings of UV beads and color planetary science related images at the 11th Annual Family SciFest event held at the Children’s Museum Tucson. The event attracted more than 1,300 people and featured hands-on activities presented by 26 exhibitors.

PSI’s Sanlyn Buxner and Kristina Lopez, and volunteers Annyse Buxner and Brad Newsom, were kept busy throughout the event by a constant stream of kids and parents visiting PSI’s display table.

PSI table at Family SCIFest 2023 

A steady stream of attendees visited PSI’s exhibit at Family SCIFest. Credit: Sanlyn Buxner.



March 5, 2023
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