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PSI’s Lego Space Models a Hit at St. Louis Astronomy Festival

CosmoQuest EPO

An orrery made of Lego was a popular attraction at the PSI CosmoQuest display at the St. Louis Astronomy Festival. The mechanical model of the Sun, Earth and Moon represents their relative positions and motions:  every time the Earth spins 28 times, the Moon completes a full revolution around the Earth, and 365 Earth rotations is one full revolution around the Sun.

Credit: Pamela Gay/PSI. 


PSI’s CosmoQuest team participated in the St. Louis Astronomy Festival, where an exhibit of Lego spacecraft attracted lots of attention. Pamela Gay, Tanya Kuzara, Lindsey Odom and Annie Wilson  participated. Gay gave a presentation titled Beautiful Science: Combining the Art of Astrophotography with the Pursuit of Science Data. 

“All of the LEGO – especially the Orrery – really attracted attention and we were able to chat with quite a few folks,” said PSI’s Annie Wilson.

cosmoquest epo

Left to right: Lindsey Odom, Annie Wilson and Tanya Kuzara at the PSI CosmoQuest display that featured a Saturn V rocket, Lunar Lander, the Space Shuttle repairing the Hubble Space Telescope, the orrery, and other space-related models, all constructed of Lego.

Credit: Pamela Gay/PSI.

Sept. 25, 2022
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