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More PSI Scientists Honored With Asteroid Names


Asteroid 243 Ida. Credit: NASA/JPL. 


Four more PSI scientists, Jamie L. Molaro, Jordan Steckloff, Xiao-Duan Zou and Oded Aharonson,  have been honored by having an asteroid named after them by the International Astronomical Union. Each was nominated by someone and an IAU committee decides whether the nomination is meritorious. 

Here are the honorees and their citations. 

(30379) Molaro = 2000 JY69
Discovery: 2000-05-02 / LONEOS / Anderson Mesa / 699
Jamie L. Molaro (b. 1986) is a planetary scientist at the Planetary Science Institute who specializes in thermal fracturing of rocks on asteroids and other bodies in the solar system. 

(37019) Jordansteckloff = 2000 TA61
Discovery: 2000-10-02 / LONEOS / Anderson Mesa / 699
Jordan Steckloff (b. 1985) is a research scientist at the Planetary Science Institute who conducts modeling investigations into the physical processes at work on a variety of solar system bodies. 

(43188) Zouxiaoduan = 1999 XP234
Discovery: 1999-12-03 / LONEOS / Anderson Mesa / 699
Xiao-duan Zou (b. 1983) is a Chinese research scientist at the Planetary Science Institute (Tucson, Arizona). She studies physical properties of the surfaces of the Moon, asteroids and cometary nuclei. She also worked for the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project (Chang'e 1 to Chang'e 5). 

(105613) Odedaharonson = 2000 RX100
Discovery: 2000-09-05 / LONEOS / Anderson Mesa / 699
Oded Aharonson (b. 1973) is a professor at the Weizmann Institute (Israel) studying Martian craters, Titan lakes, and lunar formation. He served as science P.I. for Beresheet, the first Israeli spacecraft to the Moon. 

A list of some of the other PSI scientists who have been honored by having an asteroid named after them may be found at This list is not up to date.

June 27, 2021
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