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In-Person Retreat Celebrates PSI’s 50th Anniversary

psi early founders 

Stu Weidenschilling, Clark Chapman, Bill Hartmann and Don Davis discussed the early days of PSI at the Retreat’s 50th anniversary celebration dinner.

About 100 scientists, educators and staff members gathered in Tucson Aug. 17-19 for PSI’s Annual Retreat, the first in-person gathering in two years due to Covid. The event, which celebrated PSI’s 50th anniversary, was held at the Hacienda Del Sol Guest Ranch Resort in Tucson. Scientific presentations, socializing and meeting new and old friends were all part of the event.

2022 retreat group photo 

Retreat attendees gathered for a group photo. Credit: Gil Esquerdo.

kat volk new hire presentation 2022 

 Research Scientist Kat Volk discusses her work during a new hire presentation done by the scientists who joined PSI in the past year.

spec lab tour retreat 2022 

Neil Pearson demonstrates the handheld Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) instrument during a tour of PSI Reflectance Spectroscopy Lab. The device measures how materials absorb light in the near infrared to thermal infrared portion of the spectrum at hundreds of different wavelengths. This can tell us exactly what elements and minerals make up rocks. This information tells us how rocks were formed and may have been altered over time. If we find a sample here on Earth that absorbs light similar to how an asteroid or planet absorbs light, we can figure out what might have happened on the surface of that planet by studying the sample we have in our lab. Looking on are, from left, Rob Skarbek, Alex Morgan and Georgiana Kramer.

Sept. 4, 2022
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