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The CosmoQuest Hangout-a-thon 2020 is coming!

cosmoquest hang ougt a thon 

It’s coming: The CosmoQuest Hangout-a-thon 2020! Join us on October 24-25 for 36 hours science and fun as we work to raise money for science and science education. There will be guests, giveaways, and games. And for a main attraction: An interactive scale model of the Solar System in Minecraft!

Donate today and join us starting at 8am PT Saturday on We’ll keep going through 8pm Sunday.

CosmoQuest is your place to learn and do science. From offering opportunities to partner with scientists to map our Solar System and beyond, to producing Astronomy Cast, the Daily Space, live mission coverage, and 365 Days of Astronomy, we offer myriad programs for anyone with a passing fancy or deeply held love of space sciences.

The CosmoQuest Hangout-a-thon is becoming a yearly tradition. This year we're running our event earlier in the year to avoid the holidays and to give everything something full of silly on a weekend when many of us might otherwise spend attached to our cell phones doomscrolling Twitter.

Your donations can keep the science flowing!

We do a lot of things around CosmoQuest. With Citizen Science, educational materials, podcasts and livestreams, we are growing databases of content for producing new science and learning new ideas.

Making this possible are people, programs, and servers – all of which take money. Our entire paid team is just 6 part-time people: Pamela, Ally, Annie, Avivah, Beth, and Richard. (There are also countless volunteers.) We do our best to provide them with the tools they need: Adobe Licenses, Google Suite, and the random mic replacement and hard drive. We also need to pay for our servers, domain names, and document sharing services. It all adds up. We can almost cover our bills thanks to regular donations (including bits and subs on Twitch and patronage on Patreon), but it’s not quite enough. To make it all the way through Fiscal Year 2021 (which starts Oct. 1), we estimate we’re going to need an additional $36,000. In addition to this fundraiser, we’re also continuing to apply for Federal Grants, but if we’re successful, we can’t anticipate receiving funding prior to this time next year. Your donations to the Hangout-a-thon will allow us to focus on what we want to create instead of on how to pay our bills.

Once again: We invite you to join us as we bring on scientists and science communicators to discuss our Solar System (and beyond). During this event, we're also going to be building a scale-model of the Solar System in Minecraft that people can explore. This is being done in collaboration with the 8-Bit Community and popular streamers Pixlriffs and TheHotDish. Along-side the massive build, there will also be giveaways and other games. 

Oct. 18, 2020
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