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PSI's 2020 Annual Dinner a Success

Space X satellite launch

Keynote speaker Doug Loverro discussed the need for flight safety standards, space traffic management and control, debris control, and removal and insurance and liability standards as the number of satellites orbiting Earth increases dramatically.


PSI’s 2020 Annual Dinner, held virtually this year, was a big success. 

Doug Loverro, NASA's former Associate Administrator for the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, offered a live keynote presentation with a Q and A session on the proliferation of satellites in Earth’s orbit and the need for traffic control and safety. 

Participants were offered a choice of five chat room presentations: Alien Technosignatures hosted by David Grinspoon; Colonizing Titan hosted by Amanda Hendrix; Solar System 101 hosted by Nick Castle; Where to look for life on Mars? Co-hosted by Dorothy Oehler and Norbert Schorghofer; and a comet making demo co-hosted by Larry Lebofsky and Bea Mueller with assistance from Sanlyn Buxner and Maya Bakerman. 

An online silent auction was held on items including travel adventures, artwork, jewelry, gift baskets, antiques and many more. 

Money raised at the dinner will help fund PSI’s Education and Public Outreach efforts.

Amanda Hendrix discussed NASA's Dragonfly mission to Titan

Amanda Hendrix discussed NASA’s Dragonfly mission which will send a robotic rotorcraft to the surface of Titan that will perform vertical takeoffs and landings to move between exploration sites, looking for origins and signs of life. 

Sept. 27, 2020
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