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PSI LPSC Poster Presentations Tuesday March 19, 2019

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PSI Scientists will make a number of poster presentations at this week's Lunar and Planetary Science Conference at The Woodlands, Texas

NOTE: The Poster number is the LOCATION NUMBER in the Hall, not the Abstract number.


Tuesday March 19, 6:00 pm, Town Center Exhibit Area


Poster #4

Stereophotoclinometry Models in Support of the OSIRIS-REx Mission

Eric Palmer (John Weirich, Bob Gaskell)

Poster #17

Preliminary Analysis of the Photometric Properties of Asteroid (101955) Bennu from OVIRS Observations

Xiao-Duan Zou (Jian-Yang Li) 

Poster #19

Investigating Surface Color Variegation on Near-Earth Asteroid Bennu Using OSIRIS-REx Mapcam Data

Lucille Le Corre 

Poster #32

Hayabusa2’s Multiband Disk-Integrated Photometry of 162173 Ryugu

Deborah Domingue (Lucille Le Corre, Faith Vilas) 

Poster #117

First Results from the InSight Fluxgate Magnetometer:  Constraints on Mars’ Crustal Magnetic Field at the InSight Landing Site

Catherine Johnson 

Poster #159

Clast Sizes and Shapes at the Insight Landing Site

Cathy Weitz 

Poster #232

360 Years of Lunar Science:  From Galileo to Apollo 10

Chuck Wood 

Poster #289

Photometric Characterization of On- and Off-Swirl Regions of the Lunar Surface:  Textural Similarities and Differences

Deborah Domingue (Eric Palmer, John Weirich, Bob Gaskell) 

Poster #297

Deriving the Lunar Loss Tangent and Subsurface Temperatures from the Chang’E-2 MRM and LRO Diviner

Matt Siegler (Jianqing Feng) 

Poster #298

Lunar Regolith Properties Constrained by LRO Diviner and Chang’e-2 Microwave Radiometer Data

J Feng (Matt Siegler) 

Poster #399

Far-UV Spectral Variations on the Icy Saturnian Moons

Amanda Hendrix (Candy Hansen) 

Poster #406

Searching for Europan Plumes:  Past, Present, and in the Future

Alex Patthoff (Joe Spitale) 

Poster #433

Titan Transmogrified

Chuck Wood 

Poster #559

Gullies Emanating from the Margins of Lobate Flow Features in Nereidum Montes, Mars

Dan Berman (David Crown) 

Poster #596

Understanding the Needs of Space Scientists in Education, Public Engagement, and Communications:  Implications for Practice

Jennifer Grier (Sanlyn Buxner) 

Poster #679

Results from the Ice and Climate Evolution Science Analysis Group (ICE-SAG)

Than Putzig (Gareth Morgan, Dorothy Oehler, Hanna Sizemore, Isaac Smith) 

Poster #753

Progress on the Development and Testing of New Scintillators for Planetary Gamma Ray Spectroscopy

Tom Prettyman (Margaret Landis, Neil Pearson, N Yamashita)



March 19, 2019
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