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Impact Rock Kits

The impact rocks below are examples of what is contained within our Impact Rock Kits. Each kit contains 10 samples of impact-altered or impact-generated rocks in a durable pelican case. All of the rocks were hand collected by scientists in the field. An explanation sheet is included in each kit that describes where within (or outside) an impact crater these samples are found, the impact process(es) that led to their formation, where on the Earth the sample was collected from, their approximate age, and much more.

Impact Rock kit explanation sheet


Impact Melt BrecciaShatter ConeShocked BasementSuevite
Impact Melt Breccia Shatter Cone Shocked Basement - Gneiss Suevite


Impact Breccia Tektite Moldavite
Impact Breccia Tektite Moldavite


Impact Melt Rock Shocked Basement - Gneiss Selenite
Impact Melt Rock Shocked Basement Selenite
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