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Stop 4 at Haughton

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Ground zero inside the Haughton structure (person for scale)
Ground zero inside the Haughton structure
Photo: G. Osinski, University of Western Ontario
At the center of the impact structure
Scale: Height of the person is approximately 1.5-2 meters

This is the spot 39 million years ago where an asteroid or comet hit Devon Island . What do you notice about the rocks at this location? Recall how the rocks at Thomas Payne Canyon (outside of the Haughton impact structure) were all horizontal, just as they were laid down around 400-450 million years ago.

THE ANSWER: These rocks here have been uplifted approximately 1400 meters above their pre-impact position! To put this in perspective, 1400 meters is about the height of three and a half Empire State Buildings. As these rocks were uplifted, they were also tilted and rotated so that they now stand vertical. What's more, this all happened in a few seconds time!

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