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Stop 3 at Haughton

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Shatter cones inside the Haughton structure (pocket knife for scale)
Shatter cones inside the Haughton structure
Photo: G. Osinski, University of Western Ontario
At "Perserverance Hill", approximately 1 kilometer northwest of the peak in the central uplift
Scale: Length of the Swiss Army knife is approximately 8-10 centimeters

Geologist Gordon Osinski talk about shatter cones

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Panorama of the central area of Haughton

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In the photo above, notice how some of the rocks have distinctive groups of radiating lines or "striated fractures". These rocks are called shatter cones and provide unequivocal proof that the Haughton structure was formed by the impact of an asteroid or comet 39 Myr. ago. Shatter cones are the only unique shock deformation features that we'll see at Haughton. There are many other indicators of shock, but these require us to look at rock samples using a microscope.

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