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Getting to the Barringer Meteor Crater

Barringer Location

Barringer Crater, also called Meteor Crater, is located in the United States of America (35º 2' N, 111º 1' W) in northern Arizona, about 35 miles (55 km) east of the city of Flagstaff. The crater is easily reachable, off Interstate Highway 40 at exit 233.

View of Barringer (Meteor) Crater from I-40

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Distant view of Barringer impact crater

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ASTER Satellite image of Barringer impact Crater

ASTER satellite image of Barringer (Meteor) impact crater
Image: Livio Tournabene, University of Western Ontario

Distant view of Barringer Crater
View of the Barringer impact crater from a distance (yellow dot on the image above)
Photo: G. Osinski, University of Western Ontario
Off the side of the road approximately 2 kilometers from the visitor center
Scale: Crater diameter is approximately 1.2 kilometers


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