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Stop 4 at Barringer

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Kaibab Formation rocks on east rim trail
Kaibab Formation rocks on east rim trail
Photo: G. Osinski, University of Western Ontario
Location: Along the east rim trail of the impact crater
Scale: Width of the larger rocks in the foreground are less than 2 meters across

Geologists Gordon Osinski and Elisabetta Pierazzo near a large block

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Large and small blocks below the crater rim

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The trail is pretty rocky at this point on the rim. We're actually walking through debris derived from the Kaibab Formation that was thrown out by the force of the impact. Notice in the photo above that a thin layer of brick red Moenkopi is visible to the right, beneath the Kaibab debris. As we saw at Stop 2, the Moenkopi rocks should be above the Kaibab, so this is clearly an effect of the impact event.

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