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Become a PSI Corporate Sponsor

Corporate sponsors play a valuable role in supporting PSI’s mission to explore the solar system and promote science education and science literacy. PSI strives to develop, foster, and grow our strategic relationships with the corporate community.

PSI provide multiple ways for corporations to support PSI through contributions and underwriting:

  • Support for PSI’s public outreach initiatives which are conducted locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Pierazzo Award (supporting graduate student participation in international conferences)
  • Facilities and Equipment

To our valued corporate sponsors, PSI provides a number of benefits:

  • Opportunity to serve on the PSI Board of Trustees (by invitation from the Director)
  • The corporate logo/name highlighted online and within the Annual Report as well as displayed at PSI events such as the Annual Dinner
  • Recognition on materials related to sponsored events (e.g. STEM outreach)

Contact Information

For information regarding PSI and/or the Corporate Sponsor Program, please contact:
djanis [at] (Dianne Janis), Development Officer

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