PSI’S Planetary Data System Team Members Honored by NASA

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PSI’s Planetary Data System Asteroid/Dust Subnode team member were honored with the NASA Silver Group Achievement Award.

The team is made up of Mike Drum, Conor Kingston, Kristina Lopez, Beatrice Mueller, Carol Neese, Eric Palmer, Jesse Stone and Kelly Yoder.

“The development of the PDS4 archiving standard has been a vast project.  While difficult, this archiving standard ensures that we can operate for many decades to come with a design that can be used by Artificial Intelligence, automated processing and cloud-base systems.  This award signifies the PDS is serving our planetary science community well,” said PSI Senior Scientist Eric Palmer, who is the Principal Investigator for the PDS Asteroid/Dust Subnode. “ We are honored to receive this award and we look forward to continuing to provide this valuable resource to this community.” 

NASA’s citation said, “This achievement was awarded to the PDS for the creation and ongoing development of the PDS4 data model and standard. The PDS4 model has become the standard for all internationally sponsored planetary archives. This decades-long effort ensures that planetary scientists and many others will efficiently  find, access, and use the high quality planetary observations that will reside in the PDS and the world’s planetary archives for generations to come.”