PSI LPSC Poster Presentations Thursday March 21, 2019

Category: Press Release

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PSI scientists and educators will present a number of posters at this week’s Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas.

NOTE: The Poster number is the LOCATION NUMBER in the Hall, not the Abstract number.

March 21, 6:00 pm, Town Center Exhibit Area

Poster #226

On the Survival of Amorphous Water Ice Within Icy Bodies During Collisional Events in the Early Solar System

Jordan Steckloff

Poster #235

The UV Asteroid and Small Bodies Archive

Amanda Hendrix (Faith Vilas, Jian-Yang Li)

Poster #253

NEOCam Survey Cadence and Simulation

Tommy Grav (Sarah Sonnett)

Poster #273

Survival of Water Ice and Hydrated Salts at Occator Crater, Ceres

Margaret Landis (Tom Prettyman, Naoyuki Yamashita, Norbert Schorghofer, Hanna Sizemore)

Poster #277

Thermal Rotational Lightcurve of (1) Ceres at 1.2 mm Wavelength and Search for HCN with ALMA

Jian-Yang Li (Mark Sykes, Henry Hsieh)

Poster #350

Interaction of Crater Ejecta with Atmosphere

Natalia Artemieva

Poster #375

Spectral Characteristics of Ordinary Chondrite Impact Melts

Juan Sanchez (Lucille Le Corre)

Poster #412

Detection of Serpentine at Jezero Crater

Eldar Noe Dobrea (Roger Clark)

Poster #473

Accumulation and Removal of Dust on Curiosity’s Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) Calibration Target Associated with the Planet-Encircling Dust Event of 2018

Aileen Yingst

Poster #496

Distribution and Morphology of Valley Networks on the Flanks of Alba Mons, Mars

Stephen Scheidt (David Crown, Dan Berman)

Poster #521

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM):  Geomorphic Mapping

Than Putzig (Gareth Morgan, Zach Bain, Matt Perry, Hanna Sizemore, Isaac Smith)

Poster #522

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM):  Radar Surface Reflectivity

Zach Bain (Gareth Morgan, Than Putzig, Isaac Smith, Hanna Sizemore)

Poster #523

Mars Subsurface Water Ice Mapping (SWIM):  The SWIM Equation and Project Infrastructure

Matt Perry (Zach Bain, Than Putzig, Gareth Morgan, Hanna Sizemore, Isaac Smith)

Poster #537

Interannual Variability of Seasonal Activity in Mars’ South Polar Region Dubbed ”Manhattan”

Candy Hansen

Poster #545

Water Activity of Premelted Films in High Latitude Martian Ground Ice

Hanna Sizemore

Poster #554

Chronology of Volcanism in Southern Tharsis, Mars:  Constraints from Lava Flows in Daedalia Planum

Dan Berman (David Crown)

Poster #573

Multi-Wavelength Bistatic View of the Lunar Mare Using Mini-RF

Gareth Morgan

Poster #587

Io’s Loki Volcano:  An Explanation of Its Tricky Behavior and Prediction for the Next Eruption

Julie Rathbun

Poster #642

TREX Measurements of Mineralogical Samples in the PSI Lab from the Vacuum-UV to the Thermal Infrared Wavelengths

Neil Pearson (Roger Clark, Amanda Hendrix)

Poster #668

Geology of Alba Mons, Mars:  Results from 1:1M-Scale Geologic Mapping

David Crown (Dan Berman, Stephen Scheidt)

Poster #669

Geologic Mapping Methods for Small, Rocky Bodies:  The Vesta Example

Aileen Yingst (Dan Berman, Scott Mest)

Poster #694

Update on Archiving High-Resolution Lunar Gamma-Ray Spectra

Yuki Yamashita (Tom Prettyman)

Poster #701

Digital Terrain Models of Mathilde and the Moon

John Weirich (Eric Palmer, Deborah Domingue)

Poster #775

Effective Approaches to Increasing the Accessibility of Postdoctoral Opportunities Through Remote Advising

Jennifer Grier (Sanlyn Buxner, Julie Rathbun, Matt Richardson)

Poster #778

Team Dynamics During a Four-Day Effort to Map Bennu’s Surface:  A Collaborative  Effort

Jamie Molaro