PSI Activities Popular at Tucson Festival of Books

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PSI’s exhibit at the Tucson Festival of Books attracted many hundreds of visitors during the two-day event held on the University of Arizona Mall. PSI’s exhibit, held in the event’s Science City area, included hands-on activities featuring a variety of meteorite samples and impact rocks which were created when meteorites impacted with Earth, having visitors build bracelets of UV beads, and exploring the Sun with pinhole projectors.

PSI volunteers for the event were Larry Lebofsky, Kat Volk, Bea Mueller, Sanlyn Buxner and Kristina Lopez.

kat book fair 23

PSI’s Kat Volk discusses a meteorite sample with a Tucson Festival of Books attendee. Credit: Sanlyn Buxner.

sanlyn book fair 23

 PSI’s Sanlyn Buxner describes a meteorite sample to festival attendees. Credit: Alan Fischer