PSI Activities Popular at Tucson Festival of Books

Category: Cover Story

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PSI’s display at the 2024 Tucson Festival of Books attracted an estimated 1,000 visitors
during the two-day event held on the University of Arizona Mall. PSI’s exhibit, held in the
event’s Science City area, included hands-on activities that included meteorites, pinhole
solar projectors, discussing how to prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse visible in
Tucson, making bracelets with UV beads and handouts.

PSI volunteers were Sanlyn Buxner, Larry Lebofsky, Kat Volk and Bea Mueller.

Kat Volk discusses a meteorite sample with an attendee at the Tucson Festival of Books. Credit: Sanlyn Buxner.

Bea Mueller shows a young attendee a model of the Asteroid Bennu that was the target of the OSIRIS-REx sample collection mission. Credit: Sanlyn Buxner.