Virtual Trips to Extreme Environments

NASA Virtual Trips to Extreme Environments

Subaward to PSI from Universities Space Research Association

PI: Lisa Gaddis

Start Date: 05/01/2023
Project #: 1961
End Date: 04/30/2026
Award #: SUBK-23-0036
Project Description

Dr. Sanlyn Buxner will

– Conduct the evaluation efforts for the proposed activity: an ongoing independent rigorous review of the VIRTEX activities, model, and research.

– Communicate with the VIRTEX team, to describe how well the project continues to focus on the proposed objectives and intended outcomes. The formative evaluation will be used by the team to make course corrections; summative evaluations will provide insight to NSF and other stakeholders.

– Assist in the dissemination of the project’s resources and research findings Expected Deliverables:

– Evaluation plan, including any instruments

– Participation in regular team teleconferences (monthly to quarterly)

– Quarterly one page reports, sharing 1) accomplishments / milestones; 2) issues / challenges; 3) potential solutions; and 4) milestones for upcoming month

– Annual reports with an overview of the status of the evaluation and the current findings for inclusion in reports to NSF