Our Heliospheric Shield

NASA Diversity, Realize, Integrate, Venture, Educate Science Centers Program

Subaward to PSI from Boston University

PI: Merav Opher

Start Date: 08/16/2022
Project #: 1903
End Date: 08/15/2027
Award #: 4.50E+09
Project Description

Dr. Sanlyn Buxner will serve as the Director of Broader Impacts and Diversity for Solar wind with Hydrogen Ion charge Exchange and Large Scale Dynamics (SHIELD) Phase II Drive Center. She will direct SHIELD’s training, outreach, and diversity programs, and ensure integration between the research and BI activities. She will work with Dr. Nick Gross to coordinate webinars, podcasts, mentoring activities, REU experiences, and summer school. Additionally, Dr. Buxner will travel to AGU and the NSBP each year to support participating scientists and recruit new students as needed. She will work closely with the external evaluator to develop assessments and review feedback.