Evaluation of International Observe the Moon Night

NASA Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter Mission

Start Date: 08/10/2020
Project #: 1760
End Date: 09/30/2024
Award #: 80NSSC20K1517

PSI Co-Investigators and Collaborators

Project Description

Sanlyn Buxner

Evaluation lead for International Observe the Moon Night. Lead all data collection, including development of surveys and interviews, data analysis and report writing. Provide initial report 1 week after each International Observe the Moon Night and complete report from host feedback by December 15th each year. Supervise work of research assistant. Participate in team meetings with InOMN leadership.

Pamela Gay

Oversee data collection and analysis related to online and social media. Provide report within one month after each yearly event. Assist InOMN leadership team in collecting appropriate data.