Pierazzo Award Winner Suchitra Narayanan Honored With Hawaiian Dinner

Category: Cover Story

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PSI’s Hawaii-based scientists held a dinner to honor Suchitra Narayanan, winner of a 2023 Pierazzo International Student Travel Award.

The Pierazzo International Student Travel Award was established by PSI in memory of Senior Scientist Betty Pierazzo to support and encourage graduate students to build international collaborations and relationships in planetary science.

Narayanan of the University of Hawaii at Manoa attended the Protostars and Planets VII conference in Kyoto, Japan, April 10-15, 2023. Her research title is “Analyzing the Substructure and Dynamics and Sulfur Organics Inventory of Oph IRS43.” She discussed the first high-resolution look at the substructures and physical properties of this fascinating protoplanetary disk within which planets are expected to be in the earliest stages of formation.

Narayanan received a certificate and a check for $2,000.

“Thank you for organizing this dinner for me! And for the award,” Narayanan said. “We chose a Japanese restaurant since it was a conference in Japan that the Pierazzo award enabled me to attend! Thank you again!”