CosmoAcademy Learning Events Launch March 20

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CosmoQuest, a multi-institutional collaboration produced out of the Planetary Science Institute, is relaunching their CosmoAcademy program!

CosmoAcademy 1 If you’d like to learn about Mars from someone who helps operate robots on the Red Planet, now is your chance. Starting March 20, PSI Senior Scientist Nick Castle will be teaching a six-Saturday series on “How to live on Mars (and not die)”. This will be a highly interactive series, rich in discussion, humans, and, of course, science. Enrollment is limited to 16 to allow discussions to flourish, and the course costs $175. All proceeds beyond course-related costs will go to Nick’s research programs at PSI. You enable science while learning! The cost for this six-week session is $175. Register here:
CosmoAcademy 2


PSI Senior Education and Communication Specialist and Senior Scientist Pamela Gay is teaching two practical workshops. The first, on March 27, will teach attendees how to use OBS, a free production tool. You’ll learn the basics of producing professional looking live content that can be streamed to platforms like Twitch or YouTube, or used as a virtual camera into Zoom, WebEx, or other conferencing software. And on April 3, attendees with gain experience with Adobe Premiere. You’ll learn the basics of editing professional looking videos that will have people asking “How did you do that?” while they actual stay focused on what you’re saying. You’ll learn the tricks for creating content for YouTube, social media, and simple file sharing. Each workshop runs 3.5 hours and costs $99. For Streaming 101, register here: and for Video 101, register here:

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We hope to see you in our workshops, and please let us know what else you would like to learn!