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Experts on Mineralogy

Name Missions & Mission Experience Targets Techniques Major Facilities & Instrument Development
gbenedix's picture
Gretchen Benedix
Asteroids, Mars, Meteorites, Moon Crater Counting, Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Spectroscopy
ncastle's picture
Nicholas Castle
MSL ** Instrument operations, Mission science team, Science operations Earth, Mars, Meteorites Electron Microscopy, Field Work, Geology, Mass spectrometry, Mineralogy, Optical Microscopy, Petrology, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Volcanism, X-Ray Diffraction X-Ray Diffractometers, Mass spectrometers, Electron Microprobe
rclark's picture
Roger Clark
Cassini, Chandrayaan 1 (India), Europa Clipper, Galileo, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Observer, MRO ** Instrument Co-Investigator, Mission Co-Investigator Asteroids, Ceres, Comets, Dwarf planets, Earth, Exoplanets, Icy satellites, Interplanetary Dust, Io, Jupiter, Kuiper Belt, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Planetary rings, Pluto, Saturn, Small satellites, Titan, Uranus, Venus, Vesta Geology, Ground-based observing, Mapping, Mineralogy, Numerical modeling, Photometry, Remote sensing, Space-based observing, Spectroscopy
jpcombe's picture
Jean-Philippe Combe
Cassini, Chandrayaan 1 (India), Dawn, Mars Express (ESA), Rosetta ** Calibration/Test planning, Mission Co-Investigator, Mission science team Asteroids, Ceres, Comets, Earth, Enceladus, Europa, Icy satellites, Mars, Moon, Phobos, Planetary rings, Titan, Vesta Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Field Work, Laboratory Spectroscopy, Mapping, Mineralogy, Numerical modeling, Photometry, Remote sensing, Space-based observing, Spectroscopy Cameras, FTIR, Imaging spectrometers, Spectrometers, Thermal radiometers
pcraig's picture
Patricia Craig
MSL ** Data validation, Instrument operations, Science operations Mars Astrobiology, Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Field Work, Geology, Mineralogy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy FTIR, X-ray spectrometers
mdyar's picture
Darby Dyar
MSL Earth, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Venus Astrobiology, Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy
gkramer's picture
Georgiana Kramer
Apollo, Chandrayaan 1 (India), Clementine, Dawn, Kaguya (Japan), LRO, Lunar Prospector ** Calibration/Test planning, Data validation, Mission science team, Science operations Earth, Meteorites, Moon, Solar particles/Solar wind, Vesta Education/Public Outreach (EPO), Field Work, Gamma-ray spectroscopy, Geology, Geomorphology, Ground-based observing, Impacts, Laboratory Spectroscopy, Mapping, Mass spectrometry, Mineralogy, Neutron spectroscopy, Petrology, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy Cameras, Spectrometers, Imaging spectrometers
lecorre's picture
Lucille Le Corre
Cassini, Dawn, Hayabusa 1 (Japan), Hayabusa2 (Japan), OSIRIS-REx ** Calibration/Test planning, Data archive, Science operations Asteroids, Ceres, Dwarf planets, Europa, Icy satellites, Meteorites, Small satellites, Titan, Vesta Geology, Geomorphology, Ground-based observing, Mapping, Mineralogy, Remote sensing, Shape modeling, Space-based observing, Spectroscopy IRTF ** Cameras, Imaging spectrometers, Spectrometers
tmccord's picture
Tom McCord
Apollo, Cassini, Chandrayaan 1 (India), Dawn, Europa Clipper, Galileo, Mariner 9, Mars Express (ESA), Rosetta ** Calibration/Test planning, Data archive, Data validation, Instrument Co-Investigator, Instrument PI, Mission science team, Optical design, Requirements generation and flow down, Science operations Asteroids, Callisto, Ceres, Comets, Earth, Enceladus, Europa, Ganymede, Iapetus, Icy satellites, Mars, Mercury, Meteorites, Moon, Small satellites, Titan, Vesta Geochemistry, Geology, Laboratory Spectroscopy, Mineralogy, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy, Thermal modeling Cerro Tololo, IRTF, Kitt Peak, Palomar ** Cameras, FTIR, Imaging spectrometers, Spectrometers
amurphy's picture
Ashley Murphy
Mars 2020 Earth, Mars Astrobiology, Field Work, Geochemistry, Geology, Mineralogy, Optical Microscopy, Petrology, Raman Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction, X-ray spectroscopy
eldar's picture
Eldar Noe Dobrea
Dawn, LRO, Mars Express (ESA), Mars Odyssey, MER, MRO, MSL ** Calibration/Test planning, Data validation, Instrument Co-Investigator, Mission Co-Investigator, Mission operations, Mission science team, Science operations Asteroids, Ceres, Earth, Mars, Moon, Venus Astrobiology, Geology, Geomorphology, Mineralogy, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy Cameras, FTIR, Spectrometers
npearson's picture
Neil Pearson
Cassini ** Data validation, Science operations Field Work, Geology, Mapping, Mineralogy, Optical Microscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy, Volcanism, X-ray spectroscopy Cameras, FTIR, Imaging spectrometers
jsanchez's picture
Juan Sanchez
Asteroids, Meteorites, Small satellites Spectroscopy, Remote sensing, Photometry, Ground-based observing, Mineralogy
ecsklute's picture
Elizabeth Sklute
Earth, Enceladus, Europa, Exoplanets, Mars, Titan Astrobiology, Mineralogy, Numerical modeling, Raman Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy FTIR, Spectrometers
staid's picture
Matthew Staid
Chandrayaan 1 (India) Earth, Moon Geology, Mapping, Mineralogy, Photometry, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy, Volcanism
csteven's picture
Cody Steven
Electron Microscopy, Mineralogy, Optical Microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction X-Ray Diffractometers
btravis's picture
Bryan Travis
Asteroids, Ceres, Earth, Icy satellites, Mars Astrobiology, High-Throughput Computing (HTC), Mineralogy, Numerical modeling, Remote sensing, Space-based observing
dvaniman's picture
David Vaniman
MSL Earth, Mars, Moon Petrology, Volcanism, Geology, Ground-based observing, Mineralogy, Mapping
jweirich's picture
John Weirich
OSIRIS-REx ** Spacecraft navigation Asteroids, Enceladus, Iapetus, Mercury, Meteorites, Moon, Small satellites Geochemistry, Geology, Impacts, Mass spectrometry, Meteoritics, Mineralogy, Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy, Shape modeling Electron Microprobe, Mass spectrometers
weitz's picture
Catherine Weitz
Mars Insight, MER, MRO, MSL ** Instrument Co-Investigator, Mission Co-Investigator, Mission operations, Mission science team, Science operations Mars, Moon Crater Counting, Geology, Geomorphology, Mapping, Mineralogy, Radar, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy, Volcanism Cameras, Imaging spectrometers, Spectrometers
swright's picture
Shawn Wright
MER ** Mission science team, Science operations Earth, Mars, Meteorites Geology, Mineralogy, Remote sensing Cameras, FTIR, Spectrometers, X-Ray Diffractometers

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