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Dr. Naoyuki Yamashita

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Senior Scientist

Currently resides in Albuquerque, NM
yamashita [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Asteroids, Ceres, Mars, Moon, Vesta
Disciplines/Techniques: Gamma-ray spectroscopy, Neutron spectroscopy, Numerical modeling, Remote sensing
Missions: Dawn, Kaguya (Japan)
Mission Roles: Calibration/Test planning, Data archive, Data validation, Instrument operations, Mission science team
Instruments: Gamma-ray detectors, Neutron detectors

Research Interests

Dr. Naoyuki "Yuki" Yamashita's major scientific interest concerns with exploring stellar bodies using nuclear spectroscopy to determine their elemental compositions and applying that information to lunar and planetary science.

Professional History

Dr. Yamashita received his PhD in Radiation Physics in 2006 from Waseda University, Japan. He joined PSI in 2011 after two years as a postdoc fellow at IRAP/CNES, France. He participated the Kaguya (a.k.a. Selene) mission as a Co-I of the Gamma-Ray Spectrometer team. He is an associate to NASA’s Dawn Gamma Ray and Neutron Detector (GRaND) for Vesta and Ceres.

His publications and citations are listed here (by Google Scholar).

Honors and Awards

Group Achievement Award to Dawn Science Operation Team, NASA, 2016.
Group Achievement Award to Dawn Science Team, NASA, 2013.
Group Achievement Award to Dawn Science Operations Team, NASA, 2013.

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