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Dr. Samuel Bell

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Associate Research Scientist

Currently resides in RI
sbell [at]
Areas of Expertise

Research Interests

Dr. Sam Bell's research interests focus on chronology and crater counting, seismology, planetary geophysics, and icy bodies.  His goal is to rethink our understanding of solar system chronology to untangle the grand stories of the history of the solar system.  He is particularly interested in the calibration and error analysis of crater counting techniques.  He is also interested in teasing out the subsurface structures of planetary bodies.

Professional History

Dr. Sam Bell received his bachelors in Astronomy and Geology from Amherst College, where his senior thesis focused on dating small lunar craters by the degree of preservation of their ejecta blankets in radar imagery.  He received his PhD from Brown University studying seismology and geophysics under Dr. Don Forsyth.  His doctoral research focused on water wave noise removal in underwater seismometers, Rayleigh wave seismology of the Juan de Fuca Plate and Cascadia subduction zone, oceanic sediment structure, mid-ocean ridge dynamics, subduction zone fluid delivery, and subduction zone segmentation.  He completed a postdoc at the University of Rhode Island, focusing on integrating radar interferometry with seismic earthquake location techniques.  Afterwards, he worked as a Data Scientist at Brown University, where he researched automating cell identication with neural networks, digitization of historical records, and the chronology of the Saturn system.  He also serves part-time as a Rhode Island State Senator.

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