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Dr. Rob Skarbek

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Research Scientist

Currently resides in NY
rskarbek [at]
Areas of Expertise

Research Interests

I conduct rearch in the areas of (i) rock and ice friction; (ii) fault mechanics; (iii) and compaction of porous media. I use a combination of numerical/theoretical techniques and experimental work to study a range of geophysical processes. Codes available at:

Frictional behavior: Development and maintainence of software for analysis of friction experimental data. Development of new techniques for constraining frictional parameters using novel experimental data, and advanced descriptions of elastic behavior.

Fault mechanics: Derivation of analytical solutions for the elastic stress fields generated by fault slip in complex geometries, for use in linear and non-linear stability analyses, and incorporation into numerical models. Development of efficient numerical techniques for simulations of earthquake rupture and seismic cycles.

Porous Media: Design and implementation of experimental methods for studying compaction during a range processes such as fluid flow, and rock-water reactions. I combine my experimental work with numerical methods to apply the results to geophysical systems such as visco-elastic deformation in the subduction interface; or mass changes on ice sheets.

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