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Dr. Robert Nelson

rnelson's picture

Senior Scientist

Currently resides in CA
rnelson [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Asteroids, Comets, Dwarf planets, Exoplanets, Icy satellites, Io, Mercury, Moon, Small satellites, Titan
Disciplines/Techniques: Photometry, Remote sensing, Spectroscopy
Missions: Cassini, Voyager

Research Interests

Dr. Robert Nelson is interested in the spectrophotometric and angular scattering properties of planetary regoliths and the spectral reflectance and luminescence of suspected planetary surface materials.

Professional History

Dr. Nelson received his PhD in Earth and Planetary Sciences in 1977 the University of Pittsburgh. He was a member of the science staff of JPL from 1978 until joining PSI in 2012. He was a Guest Observer on the NASA International Ultraviolet Explorer Spacecraft (1980-1988) and the Photopolarimeter Experiment Representative to the Voyager Project (1982-1990). He served as a member of the Mercury Orbiter Definition Team for the NASA Space Physics Division (1996-1998) and the development team for the roadmap for solar system exploration (1996-1998). Since 1990, he has been a team member of the Visual and Infrared Spectrometer on Cassini. He was the Project Scientist for the Deep Space One Mission (1995-2004).

Honors and Awards

NASA Exceptional Service Medal
Eight Group Achievement Awards

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