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Dr. Bob Gaskell

rgaskell's picture

Senior Scientist

Currently resides in CA
rgaskell [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Asteroids, Comets, Earth, Icy satellites, Io, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Small satellites, Vesta
Disciplines/Techniques: Shape modeling
Missions: Cassini, Dawn, MESSENGER, OSIRIS-REx, Rosetta, Voyager

Research Interests

Dr. Bob Gaskell is engaged in the application of procedures for determining high-resolution topography from multiple images by means of stereophotoclinometric (SPC) techniques that he has developed over the past two decades.

Professional History

After receiving his PhD in Phyics from McGill University, Dr. Gaskell became an Assistant Professor of Phyics in 1978 at Lafayette College, then joined the optical navigation group at JPL in 1984. He joined PSI as a Senior Scientist in 2006.

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