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Dr. Thomas Platz

platz's picture

Senior Research Associate

Currently resides in Potsdam, Germany
platz [at]
Areas of Expertise
Targets: Ceres, Earth, Mars, Moon
Disciplines/Techniques: Remote sensing, Petrology, Volcanism, Geology, Crater Counting, Geomorphology, Mapping
Missions: Dawn

Research Interests

Dr. Thomas Platz is interested in terrestrial and planetary volcanism with focus on the petrology and geochemistry of volcanic rocks; sedimentology, morphology, and morphometry of volcanic and volcaniclastic deposits and volcanic edifices. He works on impact crater statistics and the geological mapping of planetary surfaces.

Professional History

Dr. Platz received his PhD in Earth Science in 2008 from Massey University, where he worked on understanding aspects of andesitic dome-forming eruptions through the last 1000 yrs of volcanism at Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand. He then worked as a Research Assistant at Freie Universität Berlin and is currently a member of the Dawn Framing Camera team at the Max Planck insitute for Solar System Research. He joined PSI in 2013.

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